Saturday, 19 May 2007

Chapter 57: Alpha One Down

Helicopter Alpha One plunged out of the sky as if in slow motion, carrying a squad of doomed soldiers towards an inevitable fiery grave. As they fell, they were doing all they could to kill Private Lambert.

He had followed his orders with dedication and precision. Once Hartley House appeared in the distance, he had pulled the pin out of a hand grenade and thrown it into the cockpit. When it exploded, the fate of the squad was sealed. Private Lambert then clicked the safety catch off his rifle and began to unload it on his squad mates, who followed suit in a blind panic.

Silver bullets rattled around the helicopter, all of the soldiers desperately trying to stop Private Lambert escaping but receiving the gunshots themselves. Seconds before impact, Private Lambert made a leap for freedom and found himself outside the helicopter.

Then he felt a pain in his left foot. He looked at his leg to see his foot dissolve into dust and crumble away. His boot fell from his body towards the ground. One of the stray bullets had hit him. His body would completely disappear in a matter of seconds. There wasn’t much time to complete his mission.

He had already taken out one helicopter and had to try his best to slow down the second. If he kept it as far away as possible from Hartley House, the squad on the ground would spread out and be easier to pick off one by one by his brothers and sisters who weren’t far away. He could feel the mass of his body getting lighter as the ash blew away below him.

There’s not much time.

He looked down and saw a small swarm of soldiers spreading out across the grounds. They were firing their guns in his direction but the bullets were easy to dodge at this distance.

Private Lambert fired his rifle at helicopter Alpha Two, taunting all the soldiers that were trying in vain to kill him. When the forces on the ground started to scatter and fire their weapons in different directions, he knew his plan had worked. The forces at Hartley House were no longer working as a single cohesive unit.

Easy pickings.

A huge cloud of his brothers and sisters was descending on the small band of soldiers below. A hundred vampires, all with an uncontrollable bloodlust and a desire to demonstrate the true might of the species at the top of the food chain.

He almost felt sorry for the soldiers of The Brotherhood. From now on, things will only get worse for them and their kind. A bullet hit him square chest but didn’t feel any pain in his body or his mind. He knew he could leave his undead life the way he had always wanted: as a martyr to the cause.

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