Saturday, 21 June 2008

The Rising Begins on July 2nd

The Rising, the sequel to the award-winning Rebirth, will be available online from July 2nd 2008, with a new chapter published every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Detective Tom Ryder and his new band of allies go deeper into the vampire underworld and discover that the plot to establish vampires as the dominant species is almost upon them. Can they thwart the plans of both the vampires and The Brotherhood before it's too late?

The Rising will be published at, a new blog I have set up to host this novel and future writing, so please visit the site, bookmark it and subscribe to be notified whenever a new chapter is published.

Rebirth is available from the following online retailers:

Amazon UK - £7.99
Amazon US - $16.95
Barnes and Noble - $15.25


cwg said...

[Dances the 'first comment dance' that's traditional in some places. Stops suddenly when noticing that everyone is staring. Oops. Wrong paradigm for this community.]
[Resumes dancing. It was too much fun.]

I look forward to reading "The Rising" more or less as it appears. I got in on "Rebirth" when it was done, or nearly so (I don't remember right now). Naturally I started reading it at the beginning, since 'blooks' let you do that, but it does you as a writer more good when readers see the chapters fairly soon after they appear.

So here's the deal. I'll try to get to "The Rising" at least once a week, but you'd better keep it coming or I'll be mad. Not that that really matters, of course. But since a couple of other blooks disappeared in the middle (I won't name names, but they weren't yours) I thought I'd mention that.

Thanks for sharing your work.

scottmckenzie said...

Thanks for your comment. The chapters will appear every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I plan to use's scheduling function to make sure I don't miss the schedule.

'The Rising' is 100% edited, complete and I have finished copies of the paperback in my hand so you don't have to worry about it disappearing half way in. Once I've got the schedule set up, even my death won't stop the whole thing being published. It might stop part 3 being written though ;)

I'm a firm believer in writing the whole novel before posting it online. I even wrote a guest blog post at Novelr about it...

cwg said...


From the theme of these novels, it would seem that your death would only delay rather than halt the writing of the third part ;)

Matthew Dawson said...

I've just found this site, and I've never really considered publishing any of my fiction online before. I've always been kinda afraid that someone would steal it or something.

This looks really interesting and I look forward to reading what you put up.