Wednesday 17 January 2007

Chapter 1: Prologue

One year ago

He was frantic.

The straps binding his arms and legs gave way and he leapt to his feet. The figures standing round him were frozen in shock. Before they could attempt to hold him down, he bolted for the door and ran faster than he had ever run before. Something was flowing around his body, carrying him at a speed he never thought possible, something that had been explained to him many times before that he didn’t want to believe.

He was in pain. Incredible agony.

There was a fire in his stomach. The pain stabbed him in the belly and he doubled over, stumbling into the wall. Using his hands to steady himself, he got back onto his feet and continued his dash for freedom.

The shouts of his captors echoed behind him.

“Don’t let him leave! He can’t be allowed to escape!”

“Shoot him if you have to!”

“No! Take him alive.”

“It’s too late, doctor. He’s beyond help now. There’s nothing more you can do for him.”

He was dead.

He was sure of that already, but if he could make it down the long stone-flagged corridors to the front steps and make a leap for it, he might have a chance of survival. Two figures appeared in front of him but he immediately barged them out of the way, sending them skidding along the smooth floor. Just in front of him were the heavy doors that stood between him and the outside world.

He paid no mind to the possibility that the doors might be locked. Without a pause to think about his actions, he felt all the power in his body flow through his arm and up his side and shoulder-charged the wooden barricade, knocking it from its hinges. The cool fresh air washed over his face as the rain poured in torrents from the darkness above onto the gravel drive and lush green lawn ahead of him.

As soon as his feet left the top steps, he heard a gunshot behind him. He kept running down the steps onto the drive and wondered why there were no more shots. Then he lost all feeling in his chest. He put his hands to his heart and knew what was happening. As he fell to the ground with his life ebbing away, the voices of the men who had held him against his will for so long and done hideous things to him rang in his ears.

“There goes another one.”

“We’ve learned a lot from him. I think we know what we have to do.”

“How long will it take to reach the next stage?”

“Give me twelve months.”


Anonymous said...

i love it so far.. full of suspense!!!

Anonymous said... need a NEXT button.

Anonymous said...

its quite confusing right now...seems to be full of suspense...lets see what happens next

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to finish that one, sounds way to interesting to give up now...

scottmckenzie said...

Thanks for the comment. When you get to the end of Rebirth, I'm sure you'll be glad to know the sequel is being published at

George from the No Agenda LinkedIn Group said...


Wow, you are gifted! I cant wait to buy a copy!

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scottmckenzie said...

Thanks for the comment George. Rebirth is available in print if you need a book to tide you over until One Day in Gitmo Nation arrives ;)