Monday, 19 February 2007

Chapter 15: Front Door

The tyres of the two black vans screeched as they came to a halt outside a house in the pleasant leafy suburbs. The sliding door rumbled as it flew open and allowed fresh air to enter the leading van. The men inside felt some relief from the stuffiness of their uniforms.

Captain Stein stepped out onto the sidewalk and checked out his surroundings. Just as he had suspected, it was a nice area of the city. He suspected his ex-wife lived somewhere like this with that bastard surgeon husband of hers.

Keep your mind on the job in hand
, he told himself.

No one had heard anything from Doctor Owen since the destruction of the lab. Stein knew the chances of finding the doctor or his wife sitting comfortably at home were practically nil but with two missing scientists to find, they had to start at the beginning.

Stein had always had his suspicions about the doctor. Their paths had crossed several times and there was always an atmosphere between them, like they both questioned each other’s motivations. He had voiced his concerns to his superiors many times and just recently they had started to listen.

Find the doctor, then we’ll make sure his work gets back on track
, they had said.

One of his men in the van offered his rifle but Stein refused. “Leave it there. I’ve got my pistol in my belt. It’s the middle of the day. We can’t run round waving our guns about unless we have to. The same goes for all of you. Leave your rifles inside.”

The soldiers all nodded and put their rifles under their seats.

“Wait here for now. Don’t make a move unless I give you the signal or you see me draw my pistol. Got that?”

They all nodded again.

Stein walked up the drive to the front door, glancing through the windows on the way. He couldn’t make out any movement inside, but the glare of sunlight on the glass obscured his view into the house.

Faced with the front door, he popped the clip that secured his pistol in his belt with one hand and rang the doorbell with the other.

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