Saturday, 10 March 2007

Chapter 23: Keeping The Engine Running

Agent Jane Simpson sat in the car with a hundred thoughts buzzing around in her head. Keep the engine running, Detective Ryder had said, assuming something bad might happen meaning they would have to make a quick getaway.

If only he knew what they might have to make a quick getaway from.

Only Agent Simpson knew what might happen and she hoped to God it wouldn’t. He seemed like a nice guy under that difficult exterior, but most importantly he was a good detective and was her best chance of finding Doctor Owen and Doctor Forrest before they did.

Come on
, she thought, just get in the house, pick up the doctor and get out. It would be a lot easier for everyone. Detective Ryder and Officer Myers stepped inside the house and she knew they didn’t have long.

would be coming. They must have heard the conversations on the police radio. They wouldn’t be as subtle as these two though.

She looked out of the window and saw a pair of black vans driving down the crescent. Her heart sank. She sat rigid as she watched the vans stop outside the house. The doors immediately swung open and three men wearing black suits and masks jumped out of each one. They were all carrying machine guns.

One of the men stopped and looked around. He stared directly at Agent Simpson and gave her a wave. She raised a hand and he ran towards the house to join the others.

What can I do? If she sounded the horn to warn the men inside, these soldiers would almost certainly kill her. Her colleagues. If she got out of the car to try and stop the attack, her cover would be blown and they’d be back to square one if the doctor wasn’t in the house. She didn’t have Tom’s mobile phone number, but should she call him even if she had it?

She just hoped that Detective Ryder could find a suitable hiding place somewhere in the house and stay there for the duration of the attack.

If he doesn’t, he’s a dead man.

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