Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Chapter 25: Call From Stein

As Detective Ryder disappeared around the corner to the sound of squealing tyres, Agent Simpson stood on the lawn of Doctor Forrest’s house and watched the tear gas pour out of the front door and disappear.

She took her mobile phone out of her pocket but before she could call for police backup, it began to ring and she recognised the number immediately. Captain Stein.

‘Stein,’ she answered, ‘have you got the doctor?’

‘Yes we have, Agent Simpson. It was a surprise to see you just then. Sorry about your boyfriend.’

‘He’s on your tail right now.’

‘What do you mean? We had to kill the cop.’

‘No, there were two of them. Detective Ryder was in the house as well. You must have missed him.’

‘Shit. And he’s right behind us?’

‘Yes, he drove after you as soon as you left.’

‘I think I can see him. Thanks for your help, Agent Simpson.’

‘How is the doctor?’

‘He seems okay. A bit shaken up after being locked up with them but we’ll have him back at Hartley House very soon. He keeps babbling about his wife so we’ll send someone round to pick her up.’

‘Too late. The police have already picked her up.’

‘Damn it. It’s going to be hard to get hold of her now. See if you can get her out of the police station.’

‘I’ll do what I can.’

‘Good. Right, I’m going to have to take care of him now. I’ll try not to kill your new boyfriend.’

‘Go easy on him, Stein. He’s got us this far.’

With that, the line went dead.

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