Saturday, 24 March 2007

Chapter 30: Evidence

‘Are you gonna be okay in the back there? You can ride up front with me if you want,’ said the ambulance driver with a twinkle in his eye.

‘I’ll be fine, thanks,’ said Agent Simpson.

The ambulance driver shrugged and Agent Simpson read his mind as he slammed the doors. Never mind. Plenty of fish in the sea.

He’s not bad looking I suppose
, she thought and laughed to herself, Their eyes met across a corpse… Not the most romantic beginning.

The ambulance started to move and she shouted to the driver. ‘I’m in a bit of a rush; can you put the siren on?’

‘What’s up, sweetheart, are you worried he’ll die again before we get to the hospital?’

Agent Simpson thought about shooting him with one of her killer stares but decided to change her tactic.

‘Please,’ she said and batted her eyelids, ‘I’ll owe you one.’

The ambulance driver smiled. Sucker. ‘You got it.’ And with that, he hit the siren and floored the accelerator. The acceleration made Agent Simpson slide back in her seat.

Now that the driver was less interested in her and more occupied with weaving in and out of the traffic, Agent Simpson turned her attention to the body bag in front of her. She slowly and carefully unzipped the bag to reveal Officer Myers’ stony white face and turned his head round to look at his neck. The flesh was torn and the jugular vein had been severed. His face was so white it looked like the blood had completely drained from the top half of his body.

Agent Simpson had one more thing to check. She unzipped the bag further and cast her eyes over the officer’s chest. It was full of exit wounds.

As long as there is at least one bullet left in there, all the evidence will disappear very soon.

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