Thursday, 14 June 2007

Chapter 69: Bodies

The sun was high in the sky as the recovery crew’s gunship landed at the regional headquarters, loaded with the dead bodies from Hartley House. A large white flatbed buggy whizzed up the ramp and stopped at the back of the helicopter. The recovery crew disembarked and started to transfer the body bags onto the buggy, some of which were tagged with red labels, some with blue labels.

The red-labelled bags contained soldiers that had been bitten by vampires. There were twelve of them. The process usually followed by the recovery crew is to shoot the infected bodies with silver bullets, bag them up, take them back to base and either let the bodies burn when they turn into vampires or slice them up to provide Doctor Owen with more samples to use in his experiments.

This time it was different. The bodies had been shot with regular bullets. The bodies in the red-labelled bags were starting to turn.

A member of the recovery crew was a vampire, but not a vampire in the way The Brotherhood knew. This vampire could withstand direct sunlight without incurring instant sunburn. Ash didn’t drip from his open sores. He was by no means a typical vampire and he wasn’t the only one.

It was Mother Nature’s love of diversity that helped the vampires infiltrate many levels of human society and it was the stereotypical view of vampires held by humans and the ignorance of The Brotherhood that allowed them to go unnoticed.

Once the buggy was full, the driver took it back down the ramp towards the morgue, deep in the heart of the base.

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