Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Chapter 74: Too Close

Captain Nash slammed the phone down and shook his head. It wasn’t as if he couldn’t believe what Detective Ryder had just told him, the fact of the matter was that he had known exactly what was going on since the attack on Mantek. He just felt sorry for Ryder.

Don’t let an outsider take this investigation
, they had said. Put one of your men on the case, someone who won’t be missed if he gets too close.

Ryder had got far too close and now he was in the middle of something that Nash had managed to keep hidden from outsiders within the police department for a long time but when this case came along, Ryder was all he had.

The poor, pathetic drunk. He gets results but no one round here likes him and no one will ask any questions if something happens to him.

Emily Owen was being held in a cell on her own and now that he had an update from Ryder to keep his superiors quiet for another few hours, Nash’s job was to baby-sit the doctor’s wife. She was a pleasant enough woman but she wasn’t in the mood for talking. Nash had tried all he could to break her down but he didn’t have much to threaten her with. He wasn’t planning to tell her The Brotherhood were keeping her husband safe. He’d let her sit in her cell and worry for another few hours then try talking to her again.

The vampires would surely know that the doctor had been safely returned to The Brotherhood and they were certain to attempt to recover his wife to use as leverage. Captain Nash knew he had to inform his brothers and sisters of the current status.

He took his keys out of his pocket and unlocked the bottom drawer under his desk. He fished around under a stack of papers for a mobile phone that he hadn’t used for a long time. He turned the phone on and dialled a number that was etched into his mind. A familiar voice answered.

‘Hi Roxy,’ said Captain Nash.

‘Nash, what is it?’ snapped Roxy. Always straight to the point.

‘The Brotherhood have Doctor Owen in their custody.’

‘I know. Anything else?’

‘I have his wife. She’s being held at the station. She’ll be released tomorrow unless we can find a reason to keep her here. I’m trying my best but in case she gets out…’

‘That’s good news, but don’t concern yourself with the details of her release. I will send one of my men down to get her.’

‘I won’t be able to release her to a stranger.’

‘You misunderstand me. I will send someone down to get her. You do not have to do anything.’

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