Sunday, 24 June 2007

Chapter 73: Call From The Boss

The next few hours passed without incident. Doctor Owen continued to take blood from my veins and we talked a lot about anything and everything. He told me all about his wife and the life they shared. I felt sorry for him. As soon as he realised his work was so crucial, they made the decision to devote their lives to the cause. I thought his wife must be an incredibly strong woman to stand by him and sacrifice the things she always wanted.

The soldier had returned from his break and in silence, we continued to attempt to formulate a plan to get out of this base but the look on Doctor Owen’s face told me he was struggling to come up with options.

I had nothing. The base was heavily guarded and we were the VIPs. We couldn’t even step outside the lab without attracting attention.

Agent Simpson was busy in another part of the base debriefing her contacts within the World Health Organisation but she came into the lab from time to time to check up on me. I knew she felt guilty about what had happened to me but I couldn’t see how the things could have turned out any differently.

I flinched as I felt a rattling in my pocket. It was my mobile phone. I had completely forgotten about making contact with the outside world. I knew exactly who the caller would be.

‘Where the hell are you?’ shouted Captain Nash as soon as I answered, ‘you haven’t turned up for work and no one’s heard from you since your little car chase through downtown last night.’

I paused, not knowing where to start. How could I even begin to explain what I had been through in the past twenty-four hours?

‘Well?’ the Captain continued angrily, ‘Get your ass down here now or you’re fired! I’ve got the doctor’s wife here but no one to question her.’

‘I can’t,’ I protested.

‘Give me one good reason why.’

‘You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,’ I said wearily, knowing that I’d have to tell him anyway. Typical Nash, always sticking his nose in. If we didn’t call in with an update every day, he thought we were bunking off.

Doctor Owen looked at me. He shrugged his shoulders and mouthed the words ‘Tell him.’

‘Try me,’ Captain Nash snapped.

‘Okay,’ I said and took a deep breath, ‘the murder you sent me to investigate was committed by a vampire. Mantek pharmaceuticals are working with an ancient group of vampire hunters called The Brotherhood to produce a vaccine that will rid the world of vampires. The vampires have taken exception to that plan and are fighting back.’

‘What the hell are you talking about, Detective?’ he shouted, ‘Do you think I was born yesterday?’

‘Wait, I haven’t finished,’ I continued, ‘Both myself and Doctor Owen, who was missing until he was rescued in the helicopter attack on the Expressway yesterday, are now at The Brotherhood’s regional headquarters. I am being experimented on because I was bitten by a vampire last night and they think I’m now the chosen one that will allow them to produce the vaccination they need to rid the world of vampires forever. I’ll call you back with an update in twenty four hours unless I’ve turned into a vampire, then I won’t be contactable for the rest of my undead life.’

Doctor Owen smiled at me as Captain Nash muttered something and hung up on me. ‘What did he say to that?’ asked the doctor.

‘He told me that I’m a disgusting drunk and I should take the rest of the week off to sober up,’ I said.

‘Are you an alcoholic?’ asked the Doctor. He looked concerned but I didn’t know if that was because he had my welfare in mind or if it was because it might screw up his experiments.

‘Not any more,’ I said.

‘How long have you been dry?’

‘Nine days.’

‘How is being sober treating you?’

‘To be honest, I haven’t thought about it until now. I’ve got more important things to worry about now.’

‘Indeed you have, Detective. I must say that’s a very good attitude.’

‘He mentioned your wife as well. Sounds like they’re holding her indefinitely until I go back there to talk to her.’

‘Don’t worry about her,’ he said, ‘I’ll let the Captain know and he’ll send someone along to pick her up.’

The door burst open and Agent Simpson ran through, looking very worried.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked.

‘It’s Captain Stein. He’s on his way down here and he’s not alone.’

‘What does he want?’ asked the doctor.

‘I don’t know but he looks very pissed off.’

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