Sunday, 1 April 2007

Chapter 34: Home Time

Doctor Schreiber sighed and put his instruments down. He decided to call it quits for the night. He had searched every inch of Officer Myers’ body and did not find anything of note in addition to the expensive bullet wounds and the ‘animal’ bite.

It was the most unorthodox combination of wounds he had ever seen. Coupled with the bodies from the Mantek attack, it had been a very strange and hectic day.

Someone’s very busy out there. How many more are on the hit list? How many more times will I be standing over a body with Detective Ryder and his new partner in the next few days?

Well, that might not be too bad
, he thought. Agent Simpson was certainly very easy on the eye but she had been asking questions that gave him the feeling that she knew more about the day’s events than she was letting on.

His observations kept leading him towards a conclusion that he was fighting very hard to entertain. He knew it was nonsensical but what other possible explanation could there be?

It can’t be. I’m definitely not going to mention it to Detective Ryder. He’d have me committed.

Doctor Schreiber threw a plastic sheet over the body of Officer Myers and washed his hands in the sink. He packed away his instruments and looked at his watch.

Oh my God, is it really that late?

He had lost track of time. Doctor Schreiber enjoyed his work and minutes could turn into hours very quickly. He knew he should find Detective Ryder and tell him that he hadn’t found anything else but he was now in a rush to get home.

He heard the beep of his mobile phone from his bag in the corner of the room and he knew what the message would say before he checked it. His wife Lucy would not be happy. No doubt she was informing him that his dinner was either cold or in the dog. Brandy, their beloved Chihuahua, was probably the best-fed dog in the whole city.

Doctor Schreiber threw his jacket on and flicked the lights off on his way out of the door. In his haste to leave the lab, he didn’t notice the plastic sheet covering the body of Officer Myers start to twitch.

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