Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Chapter 39: Scouring The Streets

Matthew Duffy was one hundred and forty seven years old. He hadn’t felt the heat of the sun on his face since the early years of the twentieth century and had feasted on thousands of people since his rebirth over one hundred years ago.

He was a member of the scout team who scoured the city streets every night, looking for potential future bothers and sisters or for new brothers and sisters who may have been reborn without the knowledge of the clan. It was important for all vampires to be accounted for and successfully integrated into the community.

The Alsatian sitting on the back seat was his trusty helper, Goldie. Dogs could sniff out a vampire at a hundred paces, even from a moving vehicle.

Goldie had been Matthew’s companion for many years and had saved his undead life so many times he had lost count.

That was why Matthew spoiled him. The dogs were only supposed to feed on the bones of dead humans but every time he made a kill, Matthew would give Goldie a juicy piece of flesh to get his fangs into.

Scout work had been very uneventful over the past few weeks. The clan had been busy preparing for the battle they knew was coming. Once it was all over and they were victorious, they would all hit the streets of this city and many others and their numbers would grow exponentially.

Matthew had heard that there had been some excitement that day at some doctor’s house so there was a possibility that someone had been bitten and reborn at sundown. The scout team had many members so the chance of him being the one to find the new recruit was very slim.

He drove around for a little while without seeing or hearing anything out of the ordinary. When he was about to take a break after driving past the hospital, he heard a scream from outside. His sixth sense told him there was a friend nearby.

Matthew stopped the car and rolled down the window. Almost immediately, Goldie started to bark.

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