Friday, 13 April 2007

Chapter 40: Fresh Meat

The Paparazzi bar and nightclub is one of the most exclusive nightspots in the city. Even though the place was practically empty inside, a long queue was building on the street outside. It’s one of those places that lets the punters freeze outside for hours to let passers-by know that it’s an exclusive joint and then charge a fortune behind the bar to make up for lost time when they finally let them in.

This night was no exception. A lucky few had managed to get past the bouncers and were enjoying the relative ease of getting served at the bar. Two people had a little more perseverance.

Josh Daniels and Jimmy Foster had a few drinks in Paparazzi after work and didn’t leave, even when the bar was cleared for half an hour so the staff could rearrange the furniture for the night. They didn’t leave because the night staff didn’t think to check the toilets for two young men hiding in the cubicles who had been thrown out the night before. And the night before that.

The nightclub is popular with the city’s celebrities and Josh and Jimmy can’t help themselves when there are local seventeen year-old female soap opera and singing stars drinking in the same venue as them. Needless to say their success rate with these girls was negligible but that didn’t stop them wasting their minimum-wage packets out on the prowl every night.

Unfortunately for them, they were a little too eager on this night and emerged from the toilets before a significant crowd had built up in the bar. It wasn’t long before the security staff found them and escorted them to the back door by their collars, a route that had become all too familiar to them.

The rear entrance of the nightclub can be found down a back alley, well hidden from the crowds both inside and outside. It also has the added bonus of being a mobile phone black spot where no network can provide adequate coverage.

This is where the security staff can comfortably beat up a couple of unpopular clients then throw them in the dumpsters and call the police to come and pick them up without causing any unwanted attention, which is exactly what happened to Josh and Jimmy.

A bag of rubbish burst as Josh’s head hit it at high speed and he found himself face-down in chicken bones and cold baked beans. When Jimmy’s head hit the bags in the second dumpster, they didn’t burst. The cans and broken bottles had already punctured the bags long ago. Blood was already pouring down his face from the cuts around his eyes so the broken bottles didn’t make that much difference to his appearance.

The extra cuts on Jimmy’s face didn’t make much difference to the vampire that used to be called Officer Myers either. He had already locked onto the scent of fresh blood from two streets away and was frantically leaping from rooftop to rooftop in search of the second feed of his new life.

Jimmy was moaning to Josh about their rotten luck with the Nazi doormen when Officer Myers landed in his dumpster with a thud.

‘Hey, what was that?’ he exclaimed as he noticed the naked, blood-soaked body next to him. He didn’t get a chance to utter another audible word because Officer Myers’ razor sharp canine teeth ripped a hole in Jimmy’s neck and removed his larynx in one bite. Officer Myers spat the chunk of flesh out of his mouth and began to feed on Jimmy’s warm blood as it flowed from his body.

Josh heard Jimmy’s scream and realised something was wrong. He clambered out of the dumpster and wobbled over, his legs still not responding properly after the beating he had taken to his head.

Hearing a kind of squelchy-slurping noise from inside, Josh very slowly lifted himself up and peered into the dumpster to see a naked man sucking blood out of his best friend’s neck.

‘What the…’ he started and Officer Myers turned around. His whole body was completely white and his eyes were bloodshot. Blood dripped out of his mouth and down his chin, onto his chest. As he licked his lips, Josh noticed his canine teeth were a lot longer than usual. Sort of like a vampire’s…

‘No way! No fucking way!’

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