Monday, 9 April 2007

Chapter 38: Another Strategy

Marcus Verrico was sitting in his office in silence, quietly contemplating the days ahead. Everyone from the vampires to The Brotherhood had been waiting in anticipation for the wheels to be set in motion. Now that everything had begun, there was no stopping either group.

He knew all about the plans of The Brotherhood. They had their men on the inside and The Brotherhood were always so surprised when Marcus and his clan second-guessed them. For hundreds of years Marcus had kept one step ahead and now the first part of his plan was almost complete. He picked up a stack of scientific papers and thumbed through them.

Positive results. Becoming more encouraging as the days passed. It helps to have the best men on your side.

Some of his allies within the other clans had already been in touch to offer their services and offer encouragement. He declined their offers for now but warned them that their help would be needed very soon. Looking at the results again, he knew the next step was only days away.

No more hiding in the shadows. No more balance between the ancient enemies. It is time to take control and I will be the one to lead my brothers and sisters.

There was a problem though. It was only a matter of time before he got in touch and with that thought, the phone on his desk started to ring.

He reluctantly answered it, knowing exactly who the caller would be. The voice on the other end grated on him from the first word.

‘Good evening, Marcus,’ lisped Luca Salazar, the deputy Lord Chancellor, ‘how are you today?’

‘Great thanks,’ Marcus replied. Get to the point, asshole, he thought. ‘What can I do for you, Luca?’

‘I thought I would call in advance to advise you of our imminent arrival.’

Marcus sat upright in his chair. ‘The Lord Chancellor is coming here?’ he asked.

There was a pause for a few seconds before Salazar replied. Marcus could tell that Salazar was enjoying this opportunity to make him sweat. ‘No, I’m going to be visiting later tonight. The Lord Chancellor has asked me to advise you on the tactics for recovering the doctor and his work, and to provide hands-on assistance if necessary.’

He hated pussyfooting around and decided to get right to the point. ‘So you’re coming here to tell me how to run my clan?’ Marcus asked.

‘Like I said, I’ve been asked to provide help wherever I can. It certainly looks like you need the help, unless you’ve already managed to recover the doctor?’

That son of a bitch. He knows we haven’t got the doctor.

‘Not yet, but we’re closing in,’ said Marcus, ‘We know where the doctor is being held and we have already formulated our strategy. There’s really no need for you to come here.’

‘I beg to differ, Marcus,’ said Salazar, ‘If you’ve already formulated your strategy then I’d like to be there when the doctor is returned to us. It is a long time since there was an operation of this importance. I long to see a well-trained squad in action. I shall look forward to seeing you in approximately three hours.’

Marcus didn’t have the chance to protest any further before Salazar hung up on him. He hated that slimy bastard. Salazar knew Marcus was a threat to his deputyship and was doing all he could to undermine his authority.

If they failed to return Doctor Owen to the vampires, it would be the end of him. Unless he came up with a different plan of course.

Marcus Verrico rubbed the short stubble on his chin and started to formulate another strategy.

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