Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Chapter 42: Asleep At Last

I thought I’d had it rough that morning. I had been overworked and crying out for a decent night’s sleep.

But compared with what was to come, it was nothing.

Now I was sitting in my car with a vampire hunter having found out there had been a war going on between humans and vampires since the beginning of time. Agent Simpson explained a lot to me but I knew she had only scratched the surface. I would have given anything to go back to this morning and avoid this case.

There wasn’t any time for it all to sink in before we had to hit the road again. The radio fizzed into life.

‘This is unit one-four-three calling for backup. I’m in pursuit of a dark blue Toyota heading past the hospital. The driver is to be considered dangerous and the passenger has attacked two men. Both are in a critical condition.’

I immediately picked it up. ‘Unit one-four-three, this is Detective Ryder. Was the attacker naked?’

‘That’s right, Detective.’

Agent Simpson pointed to a police car speeding down the road past the hospital. ‘Look, that must be him.’

‘We’ve spotted you and we’re on our way. Do not attempt to engage the suspects until we are with you.’

Before long we had caught up with unit one-four-three, which was tailing a dark blue Toyota. I put the portable siren on the roof of my car but Agent Simpson stopped me from turning it on.

‘Wait,’ she said, ‘before you engage them, take this.’ She reached into her jacket and pulled out a gun. A black revolver that looked like it had never been used.

‘I’ve got a gun,’ I said.

‘Your gun’s useless against them, remember? This one’s loaded with silver bullets.’ She passed the gun to me. It was a six-shooter so I told myself I’d better not waste the bullets.

‘Unit one-four-three,’ I said into the radio, ‘you take the right, I’ll take the left. Hit your siren and we’ll try and pull these guys over.’

Unit one-four-three turned his siren on and so did I. We flanked the car in front in an effort to get it to stop. I wasn’t expecting the driver to pull over so I wasn’t surprised when he spun the steering wheel and smashed into the patrol car.

I drew my regular gun and tried to shoot out the tyres with two shots but missed with both. The driver then slammed his car into mine and I gripped the wheel hard with two hands to regain control.

Officer Myers then launched himself through the back windscreen of the car in front. The naked vampire flew through the air and landed on the bonnet of my car with a loud thud. I hit the brakes, hoping that Officer Myers would turn into road kill but he somehow managed to cling on.

I picked up Agent Simpson’s gun, leaned out of the window and fired two shots in the direction of the vampire but missed. The other car slammed into mine again and I nearly dropped the gun.

I fired another shot at the front tyre, knowing I was wasting a silver bullet but I didn’t have time to swap guns. Luckily, this bullet went to good use. The tyre burst and the Toyota swerved and spun to a halt. Now I only had three shots left. I fired another one at Officer Myers but missed again.

A bus pulled out in front of me at an intersection and I had to drop the gun on my lap to hit the brakes and slide the car out of the way. As the car spun across the road, narrowly missing the bus, Officer Myers crawled up the bonnet and punched through the windscreen. The glass shattered onto us and he grabbed me by the neck, pulling me out of my seat.

Agent Simpson pulled on the handbrake. The car came to a halt with me being held in the air on the bonnet. I punched Officer Myers’ head and torso but nothing could stop him pulling me in close and sinking his teeth into my neck.

I screamed in complete agony. The pain was unlike anything I had ever felt before. All I could hear were deafening sucking noises in my left ear as the vampire lapped up the blood that was draining from my body.

I heard a gunshot and the vampire lost its grip. I hit the bonnet and looked up to see dust pouring from a wound in his chest. More and more dust poured onto me as the wound grew larger and larger. Officer Myers’ body was dissolving in front of me and blowing away in the summer breeze.

His body disappeared into the air and I was left lying on the bonnet of my car with the life in me leaking out of a gaping wound in my neck.

For the first time in forty-eight hours, I slipped into unconsciousness.

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