Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Competition: Have A Character Named After You

With the publication of chapter 42 we've reached the first big twist in the tale. We've also got to the end of 'Part One' in the paperback version of the novel. To mark the occasion I've decided to run another competition.

I now have a full plan of the sequel to Rebirth and I'm going to start writing it very soon. However, I am not very good at thinking up names for characters. Those of you who knew me pre-Rebirth will recognise some of the character and place names and I've been contacted by an ex-colleague who was 'pleased' to find out I'd named a stately home after him.

With the new competition I'm offering you the chance to have your name in print in the sequel. I'm offering up two characters to be named after visitors to this blog. I'm not going to say which characters they are but they will play a significant part in the story. It also depends on the gender and winning names of course, but the more evil your name sounds, the more likely it is that a vampire will be named after you!

I'm going to draw names out of a virtual hat again but this time there are more ways of being in with a chance:
1. Every verified email subscription to this blog will be entered - see the subscription box down the left-hand side of this page for details of how to sign up.
2. Tell a friend about the blog - just cc or bcc into the email you send to them and I'll enter you into the draw.
3. Everyone who buys a copy of the novel will be entered as well. If you buy a copy via rather than this site, forward your order confirmation on to and I'll add you into the draw.

This competition will be open until the end of Part Two of the novel, which will take us up to chapter 61.

Good luck!

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